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Donate: SmileMemphis and Bridge Builders

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SmileMemphis and Bridge Builders

Recently my son, Tyler, was accepted into Bridge Builders. Bridge Builders is ran by the BRIDGES Organization which provides students an opportunity to find their voice through unique experiential learning activities that are adventurous, relational and transformative. As a result, participants are empowered to reach across racial and socio-economic divides, are prepared for secondary educational opportunities and careers, and are engaged in civic affairs in their communities.

Their mission is to unite and inspire diverse young people to become confident and courageous leaders committed to community transformation. Which is the exact reason why I was so excited that Tyler was selected to become part of such a great organization.

In my excitement, I posted the information on social media and learned of a lot of other parents that had children that were also accepted into the program. Then I also began to see some posts where parents were happy that their child was accepted, but were not sure if he/she could attend due to other financial obligations.

That’s where SmileMemphis comes in. We believe that this is a perfect opportunity for Memphis to show that we want each and every child chosen to have the ability to become a Bridge Builder regardless of financial situations. So we have created this special donation page just for this. The money collected will be applied directly toward to the application cost to attend Bridge Builders. 100% of the funds collected will be used for this cause because we here at SmileMemphis know that kids are worth it.

Minimum Donation: $5.00

Donations will be collected until Friday, April 7th. To donate go to our DONATE page and select the SmileMemphis and Bridge Builders Donation Project. We thank you in advance for any amount received.



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