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Reasons To Smile: Dedra Freeman

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So if you know me, you know Target is my therapy. I was in line telling my nephew to stop throwing things in the basket behind my back… a man in front laughs and then says ” man i love snapple, where did you find the strawberry kiwi” I replied- back isle but i got the last one. He was like, dang I need something cold, can i have yours. Surprisingly I said sure. Lol… he then said but you gone pay for it right? Again i said sure why not. He chuckled and took his change and my snapple from the cashier. He said mamm my name is Jason, thanks for the snapple and have a great day. Jason left a $25 gift card for me with the cashier. Aint he good!!!! Im so glad there are still great ppl out there. S/o Jason hope he enjoyed that snapple.


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