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Reasons To Smile : Darnesha Taylor

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You never know who amongst you is suffering in silence so this is my Testimony about the GREATNESS of GOD!! This day last year was such a sad time for my family. Our son Cebastain was born prematurely May 23, 2015 at 4:27 am and did not make it. Losing him made me question things like whether or not my husband and I would ever consider having more children and could my body carry another baby full term. I was nervous that something like this would happen again, loosing a child is like loosing a little piece of your heart. In August of that same year we found out we were pregnant again and soon after that we found out it was a GIRL!! Chloe is now a month old growing well and thriving. I’m sharing this to let someone know, that in the mist of your storm God will always see you through just trust him and remain faithful. I hug my children a little bit tighter because of what I’ve gone through, you can never take a precious moment for granted!! At the time you could have never told me I would be strong enough to make through something like this and all I can say is, but GOD!!

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