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Growing Up In Memphis : Mario King

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Recently I was scrolling my timeline via Facebook and I came across a post that included a collection of songs from the late 80s to early 90s. It immediately took me back to a place that will forever be defined as a buried treasure within my memory—home.

Home for me is the place where words such as junt can be classified as a person, place or thing. Home for me is hearing or referencing the word mane in every other sentence as if it was a placeholder within my vocabulary. Home for me is clutching my stomach as it ached from the pain of laughter due to the ferocious checking sessions (playing the dozens) by some of the city’s best. Home for me is hearing my peers yell get buck as we all attempted our best juking moves across any dance floor or street. Home for me is anticipating the evenings roll-call by Stan Bell: “and that sounds cool and that may be, but where you calling from what’s yo set homie?” Home for me is prepping for the first week of school by ironing 5 crisp white t-shirts to match my Reebok Classics. Home for me is arguing about who was the best MC’s: Fly, Ball or G. Home for me is waking up on a Saturday morning and the street was full of kids riding their bikes, shooting ball, playing football or telling lies about things they’ve yet to do.

That home for me is Memphis, Tennessee. It’s a place like none other. I may be far removed from those days and the city, but like a buried treasure it’s value can’t be measured. Through the good and bad, the city raised me and prepared me for the hard game of life. I love my city and when I do come home, it always loves me back!!! I’m proud to say that I Grew Up in Memphis!!! Love….

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