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Ask Dorcus! Memphis Fashion Week

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Everyone looks up to New York and Paris for the top fashion. They are the set places the world knows to look up to for what’s up and coming. Today Memphis, TN is transforming into a fashion industry that’s easily flowing with the music industry. The exquisite organization, Memphis Fashion Week, is opening doors for local designers whether established or just getting started. It is an inspiration to anyone that wants to be in the great city of Memphis and have a career in fashion design.

Every year Memphis Fashion Week hosts a show similar to New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. What sets them apart is the fact that Memphis Fashion Week is dedicated to flaunting the unique fashions the city has to offer. The city is known for music so why not fashion. Since this organization has started many around the city has flocked to see its amazement. Recently, the organization has built a design lab for anyone to have as their office space to make their clothes and somewhere to go to get fashion resources. The lab is located on 64 Flicker St and opens August 19. Everyone should be supporting Memphis Fashion Week and speak out on its goodness.

By Dorcus Martin


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