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Donate to SmileMemphis! Your gifts will contribute to bringing to life the mission of SmileMemphis. With your help; we will be able to showcase the City of Memphis,  in the positive light the city deserves.  Donations will be applied to either The SmileMemphis Media Project or The Give a SmileMemphis Shirt Project.

The SmileMemphis Media Project goes towards funding the website and marketing (AD) opportunities throughout the Mid-South. (Minimum Donation: $1.00)

The Give a SmileMemphis Shirt Project goes toward giving a homeless individuals a SmileMemphis T-shirt. In addition it will provide each individual with a Memphis Union Mission’s “Coupons for the Homeless” voucher. (Minimum Donation: $35.00)

SmileMemphis and Bridge Builders Project goes directly to BRIDGES USA to assist with the funding of selected students to become Bridge Builders.

Thank you for your continued support!


Team SmileMemphis

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